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      陕西建工安装集团有限公司 版权所有 公司地址:西安市含光北路111号 电话:(86)029-88420234 传真:029-88410710

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      Since from the 1970s the Group company began to cooperate with domestic and foreign enterprises for the construction of overseas projects like Algeria 15 MW Multipurpose Heavy Water Research Reactor Construction Project, Equatorial Guinea Malabo Sewage Water Treatment Plant, Ghana Kpong Water Supply Plant Expansion Project, Ghana Kumasi Oil Terminal and Construction of Oil Terminal in Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah, UAE Project. The completed and ongoing projects are all over in Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, UAE, Angola those countries, among which the Algeria Project won the ‘National Science and Technology Progress First Prize’ and the Ghana Kumasi Project won the overseas ‘LuBan Prize’. The Group company has focused great efforts to obtained the Overseas Project Contracting Qualification in 2013, so as to ensure the structure of Provincial, outside of Province and Overseas development target for Group company’s overseas projects development.